Cycles of Life and Liberation Struggles

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I used to dream of changing the world. Of course, within my lifetime – I would do something great, lead the world and make it a wonderful place. Childhood dreams. As time went by, my dream of changing the world remained, but I have realised that I am just one minor actor of many global dreamers, and I will live for just a few years of the long struggle against oppression that has been ongoing for centuries and will continue for many more. What I will do is play my part to the best of my abilities, working with other activists, and during my lifetime aim to make a significant dent in the oppressive hold on people’s freedom and joy. Then I shall hit the soil and let my cells regenerate into further life – and on will roll the cycle of life and the cycle of struggle against oppression that many have dedicated their lives to.

The world within my hands - credits to Capture Queen on Flickr

The world within my hands – credits to Capture Queen on Flickr

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  1. Ike

    Your duration of time in this life is relative. The busier you are the shorter your time seems to be. This fact taken into account with your dreams means you perhaps should consider the principle of NOW and push forward to reach your goals with the speed each of them deserve whilst still taking time to pause for your next breath. Good luck.

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