Get off your pampered ass and face up to your duty!

Narissa Allibhai Whimsical Whirlings Leave a Comment

If you are benefiting from unequal distribution of wealth (if you are middle- or upper-class), and not doing anything to challenge the unjust system in which you ‘got lucky,’ you are as much to blame as the bystander while a bully tortures their victim. You are in a position of power as compared with those who got the short end of the stick, those who are poorer and lack that sway to get where they want. They often must subvert the system out of necessity (by stealing, or squatting illegally) or by openly challenging it through protesting for their rights or rioting—the only means they have of drawing attention to their misfortune. Back to you – you have excess wealth (that you deserve no more than the next person), you likely have had more access to better education, you likely have been exposed to more worldviews, you likely have more access to spaces of power concentration (people/places/institutions) – you have significant means of challenging the unjust system, supporting change, and honestly working to increase equity. So what are you waiting for? Get off your smooth, pampered ass, and fulfil your duty as a human being.



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