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Gentle South African elephant family photographed by Clive Reid

1 elephant killed every 15 minutes.


Uncensored truth. Kenyan elephant called Changila brutally killed by poachers last year. Photo by Chris Leadismo, Save the Elephants.

10 years to extinction, at this rate.


Why? Ivory. Photo from greyloch’s photostream on Flickr.

Last Saturday, 4th October 2014, was a powerful day when people across the world marched for our beloved elephants and rhinos. I joined the march here in Nairobi. What an empowering day!


Here’s the trailer for White Gold, a documentary about the ivory trade. It’s a must-watch. You will cry, you will understand, and you will want to change the status quo and stop this destructive and unnecessary trade based on misconception, illegality, cruelty, and violence.

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