“I don’t need Kenya. Kenya needs me!”

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Ever watched a talk show where the host has a speech impediment? Stay with me, there’s a great one coming up. Because, why shouldn’t a talk show be hosted by someone with a speech impediment? Especially when that host is a great investigative journalist..

Meet Anthony Ng’ang’a!

“I don’t need Kenya. Kenya needs me.”

Selfie with Anthony

Selfie with Anthony

He is young, ambitious and optimistic. He has cerebral palsy1, a neurological condition which affects his movements and speech. However, this does not deter him from his mission “to bring change and make my country beautiful.”

When Anthony Ng’ang’a walked into my office this morning, my colleagues treated him politely but gave him sidelong odd looks peppered with suspicion. He spoke and looked different. He claimed to be a journalist, but his not fitting the ‘look’ creates suspicion wherever he goes. I sat down with him to see what he wanted. At first, I could barely make out what he was saying, but after a few minutes we understood each other and got along great.

An hour later, I was absolutely inspired by this guy, by his ideals, his big heart, and his “never give up” attitude. I am honoured to have met him and excited to see his dreams come to life. He is creating a talk show called “Voices in the Dark,” in which he is the host. Check out the pilot here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1qumXoi98U. This show will truly prove that ‘disability is not inability,’ and certainly motivate many around the county, including those living with disabilities and special needs.

Filming of the pilot episode of Voices in the Dark

Filming of the pilot episode of Voices in the Dark

He has been promised a contract with a local TV station if he puts forward the 13 first episodes, of which he has done 11. He is now looking for funding for the final 2 – so if you know a person or group he should talk to, please let me know! 

The going has obviously not been easy for him. There was a time he tried to apply for a job at a local TV station, but because of the way he moved and spoke, he was treated extremely disrespectfully and had his CV torn up in front of his face.


Credits to the awesome Kenyan cartoonist, Bwana Mdogo

Anthony is one hell of an idealist and dreamer. The positive energy flowing out of him blew me away. “What makes an orphan get up and go to school in the morning? My grandparents made me get up and go to school in the morning. I want to help all these children with special needs or street children in Kenya.”

To Anthony, I’m glad you wandered into my office this morning. I admire your vision for Kenya and your determination to do all you can for it. Kenya certainly needs people like you.

1 Cerebral palsy is a term used to describe a group of problems affecting body movement, related to brain injury or problems with brain development.

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  1. Ezmina

    Good for you to support him in his dreams being a contributing citizen and foremost a human being. Every small gesture makes a big difference. One step at a time !!

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  3. Rachael Adeti

    Anthony Ng’ang’a has just left my office a few minutes ago. I was curious to know more about his cause.
    I am very glad to have spent time with him and see what passion and determination can do.
    Kudos! to the parents who never gave up………
    With support and understanding even our special children can be what they dream to be!
    Let us cheer own our special brother by donating towards the documentary production.
    God Bless you all!

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