People in the Margins

Narissa Allibhai Whimsical Whirlings 2 Comments

They scream. We hear not. They cry. We listen not. They demand equality. We ignore.

People in the Margins deserve as much as those in the centre. They have much to teach as well as learn; their voices must be heard, their stories told. Only then can actors of various backgrounds come together to redraw the lines, create an inclusive society, begin to work towards a world of equal opportunity and justice.

This blog will mostly be about people living in society’s margins. It will include discussions, thoughts, philosophies, stories, and relevant anecdotes from my travel/work. Please follow, and comment away!

Upcoming posts catching up on my last 5 weeks out of steady internet will include:

  • Sex workers stepping up and Grassroots women’s leadership
  • Lake Turkana in imminent danger
  • Thoughts on unsustainable capitalism; on innate goodness; on creating a conscious new culture
  • A young girl’s story of struggle and hope
  • March to Save Elephants and Rhinos

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