Wild Woman Dance

Narissa Allibhai Whimsical Whirlings 3 Comments

Full Moon

Hold me close ancient guardians
Woman breathe
Woman relax
Woman love
Ancient females lift me up
Rise, woman
Fierce woman
Gentle woman

The angry masculine energies of violence
Are growing, overpowering
The world is under siege
Our souls are infested.
Sweet tender Mother Earth
Whom we have wrecked and wreaked havoc upon
Dear forgiving mother
Caress your sinning child
Forgive us
Teach us to be gentle again
Heal us

The drums and wild singing are still faint
But all humankind must open our hearts
And dance with the trees
Roll with the ocean
Bow to the moon
Sway in the winds
With crazed eyes that reflect the pain
The violence we have borne
Hearts dripping with deep wounds
And tainted souls in shreds

We must howl and ululate
Throw those eyes, hearts and souls
Onto the offering that can only be found
In the deepest darkest forest
Lurking under the depths of the sea
Flying on the back of the gentle breezes
And at the core of our weakened souls
Spirits of the Ancient Mother

Only she can heal us from this our deadly cancer we birthed
Within us we must find her,
Seek forgiveness
Turn the angry fires to soothing ripples
The selfish pestilence to a loving balm
You, and Me –
We are the killers
But we will find naivety again
The playfulness of a sweet child
The love of a mother
Within ourselves and from all around
As you whirl your skirts of leaflets and teardrops
As you leap onto the clouds that embrace and
Trust as you fall into the winds of care that will
Throw you through the turmoil you deserve
But hold you tight
As you wail and scream and sing and let free your spirit
Your truth will emerge
And it is not violence
It is definitely not hatred
Selfishness is unknown.
That sweet kid within is smiling
With the big eyes of a gurgling, laughing baby
It’s almost you, almost me. It is Us.

The era of the gentle female is coming
Loving and nourishing
Smile, woman
Rise, woman
Love, woman
And laugh, woman
The healing begins.

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  1. ike

    Nari – amazing how you have captured the raging turmoil of this world and the soothing calming emotions available through the gentle loving female – I presume the picture of the moon depicts the female?

    I like this and the words used to take us on a journey which eventually ends with hope coming from Mother Earth and perhaps guiding us to follow the Moon and her cycle whcih is so closely entwined in the human female cycle?

    1. Post
      Narissa Allibhai

      Thanks dears! Nice reading on the female cycle of the moon too. Definitely, the moon is a strong feminine energy – and even compared the masculine sun, you can connect with her gentleness and mysteriousness compared to the burning dominance of the sun. Our only hope is to connect once more with empathy, care, love, selflessness – otherwise we are spiraling into destruction.

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